Capacity Building

OfERR (Ceylon) regards capacity building as essential for human and community development in the post-conflict scenario and works with the ideology that every human being is the same in God’s creation, but they turn out to be different when they start to recognize their hidden potentials.

In order to materialize this belief, OfERR organizes capacity building trainings and awareness programs to develop the capacities of the IDPs and refugee returnees.  By building refugee capacities and promoting their vocational and income generation activities, OfERR (Ceylon) aims to create a sustainable community with enriched knowledge, skill and attitude.

Some of the capacity building programs held among the target groups including refugee returnees and IDP returnees are:

  1. Training on Community based protection/vulnerability reduction;
  2. Training on Sexual and Gender Based Violence Protection;
  3. Training on Child Protection;
  4. Training on Child Care, Health & Hygiene;
  5. Participatory Rural Appraisal exposure training;
  6. Entrepreneurship Development Programme;
  7. Specialized livelihood trainings;
  8. Advanced training on Essential documentation;
  9. Training on peace building and community cohesion;

OfERR Ceylon is conducting the training activities among the communities as it is believed that education is a key for community development. OfERR (Ceylon) also facilitates capacity building sessions concerning civil documentation, disaster risk management, gender-based violence and child abuse, child protection measures, civil rights and access to legal services, good governance and functions of local governments. These activities are planned and implemented in cooperation with community-based organizations (CBOs), self-help groups and other local actors. OfERR Ceylon also provides training sessions which are aimed at providing and upgrading livelihood skills such as business & marketing, mechanical maintenance, home gardening, herbal plant cultivation, chili powder production and small business development.

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