Returnee database

OfERR Ceylon continuously collects and updates its database of refugee families in order to provide best services. Welcome group members, documentation officers, linkage officers and field workers are all providing support to compile the data. Once returnees arrive in their location, these actors inform OfERR Ceylon’s field offices and the personal information is entered gathered. The collected data is helpful to make an assessment of the returnee population in a particular locality and on that basis to plan the formation of welcome groups and other support programs. In order to maintain its quality OfERR Ceylon is synchronizing its collection with OfERR India’s refugee database.

The collected returnees’ data is used for identifying the needs of the returnees such as land, housing, legal documentation, livelihood, education, water and sanitation and other concerns. The data is also used to identify beneficiaries for the training and awareness building activities of OfERR (Ceylon) programs such as Life Skill education, Parenting, Protection trainings, SGBV, Child Protection, and documentation awareness sessions; The challenges pertaining to the educational admissions after return is extracted from the database and shared with OfERR India in order to disseminate this information among the refugees. This is undertaken to enable them to choose the right time to return taking into consideration the challenges that they are likely to face in the areas of children’s education. Through the database OfERR (Ceylon) has collected the data of 20,500 refugee returnees.


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