Women Empowerment

Every woman is the same by creation, but they turn out to be resourceful when they start to recognize their hidden potentials. Understanding that being aware and making fullest use of the skills will lead towards development and growth, OfERR (Ceylon) undertakes several interventions to build the capacities of women and promote their vocational and income generation engagements. Thus, OfERR (Ceylon)’s Women empowerment program aims at organizing vulnerable women community into committees and empowering them with awareness and skills to transform the dependent women into a sustainable community.

Women empowerment, leadership, accounts management, child protection, SGBV protection and entrepreneurship programs are some of the trainings that are provided among the women to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills. These programs aim to prepare them with the capacities and promote their self-reliance. With these skills, women, who are termed as socially and economically vulnerable, are very well organized to lead their respective communities in order to better their lives.

In addition, women self-help groups were created and income generation initiatives were promoted to strengthen livelihood initiatives of women. Empowering young women through capacity building and awareness creation initiatives has also been one of the major focuses.

Women empowerment program resulted in improving the knowledge and awareness on gender based violence and social problems among women, while equipping them with techniques to protect them from unexpected situations. The community issues such as domestic violence, family conflicts, illegal sexual affairs, alcoholic addiction and money lending problems were identified and referred to the support systems, in order to reduce their vulnerability. This also resulted in women who suffered with GBV problems, expose their problems and seek remedies to overcome their victimization.

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