Health Awareness Program at Pallai

Having identified the need to sensitize children on the health and hygienic practices, OfERR Kilinochchi field office had facilitated a health and hygiene awareness program in Central College, Pallai on the 2nd February 2016. Mr.James Thomson and Ms.Janet Cousens of Act for Peace, Ms.Sooriyakumary – President, OfERR (Ceylon) has participated along with the Mrs.Jeyarani, – Divisional Secretary of Pallai Division in Kilinochchi District. The Medical Officer of Health Dr.Suhanthan and S.P.Manoharan (SPHI-Pallai), G.Daniel (SPHM) and K.Losana (PHM) have participated in the session as resource persons.

This program’s main focus was to improve the children’s knowledge and awareness of health and hygienic practices and augment their hygiene behavior. There were sixty children participated in the awareness session that oriented the participants on the communicable diseases, types of communicable diseases, spreading mechanisms, prevention of communicable diseases and personal hygiene.

Eventually, the resource persons have conducted an evaluation to learn about the children’s understanding of the health and hygienic practices. From the evaluation and feedback, it was found that children augmented their understanding about communicable and non-communicable diseases, types and the preventive measures. The children have been happy ultimately as they learnt about the technique to maintain ‘a sound mind a sound body’.

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