Reconciliation: A Meeting of Minds

OfERRJaffna held a one-day training workshop on social reconciliation for local human rights and peace building.The workshop was held at Sankiliyan public hall, Sankiliyan graden, Nallur on 24th April 2016. Ms.Sooriyakumary (President-OfERRCeylon), Mr.ChandraKumar (Grama Niladari-U/108 Division)has participated in this program as guests to felicitate this program.This session was facilitated by Mr.Ravindraraja, a senior trainer from OfERRIndia. It brought together thirty-three participants(eleven returnees and twenty-two community members)from local communities.

The central key objectives of the training were to build the conflict prevention and management capacities of participants, provide a platform for knowledge-sharing between participating organizations, build and strengthen the knowledge and understanding of participants of the concepts of peace, conflict, human rights, and to build their peace building and reconciliation skills in order to enhance their capacity to implement their mandates.

This training was conducted using an interactive and participatory approach and facilitator-led presentation, plenary and panel discussions, participant debriefing sessions, group discussions, and role plays, providing participants with an opportunity to contextualize key issues that were discussed. The workshop sought to foster a theoretical and practical understanding of conflict resolution and negotiation in the context of war-torn areas. Participants appreciated the relevance and timeliness of the workshop, as well as the knowledge and skills provided. They noted the importance of convening diverse organizations from different regions of the country to share and learn from one another.

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