International Women’s day celebration at Pachchilappalli

International women’s day was celebrated at the Divisional Secretariat in Pachchilappalli on the 17th of March 2017. The celebration was presided by Mrs.Arani – Director, Valvin Eluchi Development and Mrs.Paramothayam Jeyarani – Divisional Secretary, Pachchilappalli Division. There were 92 persons including 27 men present in the occasion including representatives from organizations such as OfERR (Ceylon) and Bank of Ceylon.
The theme of International Women’s Day 2017 for women “Be Bold for Change” has been shared with all the women and thus, a call was made on the masses to help forge a better working world with a more inclusive and gender equal world. Keeping in mind the theme, the women’s day was celebrated to recognize the achievements of women in the field of social and economic development.

This occasion has distinguished the achievements made by women in Kilinochchi District. Awards were distributed to 20 women in recognition of their contributions in the fields such as arts, education, leadership, micro enterprises and sports. Women’s development poems were presented to highlight the issues faced by women in our society such as female infanticide, early child marriage, child violence, child deprivation and domestic violence. The highlight of the program was the drama titled “Women’s Mind Prison” staged to present different forms of violence that women face in our society.

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