Child Health Care and Hygiene Awareness Program -Kilinochchi

OfERR Kilinochchi organized a child care, health and hygienic awareness program in Thiru Nagar on the 24th April 2017. A total of 13 boys and 11 girls participated in this awareness program and benefited with gaining awareness on child care, personal hygiene and hand washing techniques. This program aimed at educating the children on the desirable health care and hygienic standards in a clean and hygienic environment, as this area is located in a low lying area and constantly affected by water stagnation during rainy seasons.

The facilitator sensitized the children on six steps of hand-washing and encouraged to practice it at home in order to lead a healthy and hygienic life. During the course of the trainings, awareness materials carrying the visuals of good health and hygienic practices have been demonstrated in order to provide practical examples of good hygiene. The facilitators, while wrapping up the awareness program, conducted health and hygiene awareness competitions and awarded prizes to the best students. The vast majority of the students gave a positive feedback about the training.

As a follow up, environment cleaning activity was conducted. The Parents & Teacher’s Association engaged in this activity and filled the pits with sand to avoid water stagnation. The PTA is now engaged with the school management to consistently promote awareness and build capacities of the students to maintain basic health, hygiene and sanitation at the school level. They also mobilized the support of government authorities to address health and sanitation issues at the school level in general. Since then, the school environment has been cleaned regularly and the children are keenly following hygienic hand washing practices and maintain hygienic toilets.

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