Let’s Impact a Change : Review and Re-visioning Process

OfERR had successfully conducted two days historical Review and Revisioning workshop “Let’s Impact a Change” at historical Thanthai Chelva Illam, Tellippalai on 25th and 26th August 2017. This workshop is a start-up process of Review and Re-visioning and was facilitated by Dr.Gladston Xavier and Dr.Florina Benoit with a wide range of participation from management members, programme staff, field staff and the community mobilizers.

With the war in Sri Lanka coming to an end in 2009, more than 12,000 refugees from India have returned to Sri Lanka and the number of refugees returning to Sri Lanka is on rise. At this crucial juncture of Sri Lankan refugees being at the cross roads, OfERR conducted the Review and Re-visioning workshop to redefine the organizational values and goals, develop the strategic planning, and define OfERR’s path towards its vision.

The workshop helped OfERR staff to dive deep into the socio-economic and political context in Sri Lanka, OfERR’s expertise (assets, resources, strengths, etc), vulnerabilities of population of concern, staff’s commitment to the vision, etc. The internalization process helped all the participants to dream on “The OfERR, they envisage”.

The workshop also witnessed the exhibition of Thanthai Chelva’s historical photographs and this presentation helped the staff to recollect their memories of Thanthai Chelva’s mission to win the rights of Tamils.

Having been held in the historical Thanthai Chelva Illam, the “Let’s Impact a Change” workshop is a milestone in the history of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India and returnees in Sri Lanka. This is a start-up process of reviewing and re-visioning and the outcomes at the end of the process, will no doubt, shape up the future of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. The highlighting aspect of the workshop was that all the participants were provided lunch in a Sri Lankan traditional way.

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