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Distribution of Citizenship Certificates and Livelihood Inputs

Agriculture tools, Grocery shop items, tailoring tools, Goat rearing, Industrial items and Citizenship and CBC certificates have been distributed for Indian Returnees and IDPs at OfERR Ceylon office Trincomalee on 08.12.2018. Miss. S.Sooriyakumary, President of OfERR CEYLON in Trincomalee, has decorated this integration event.




Mr. A.S.K.A. Anton Raj District Program Manager and all other staffs were participated in this event. The program was started at 09.30 am at OfERR CEYLON office Trincomalee. Mr. V.Sathesan has initiated the program with the one-minute silent prayer and given the welcome speech. Then Miss. S.Sooriyakumary, President of OfERR CEYLON has given the brief speech of the preparedness and reintegration program, which OfERR CEYLON implement in India Sri Lanka as its blood circulation.

She has briefed the followings for Livelihood beneficiaries.

  • Register the business of the beneficiaries
  • Networking the business among the returnees
  • Value addition of the product
  • Spreading the Marketing outside of the district as well
  • Expanding the business through the income and keeping the proper records

She has briefed the followings for civil documents beneficiaries who were applied in the Kilinochchi mobile service on 1st of July 2018 (for 41 Returnees)

  • The parents and children must have the knowledge on differentiating the documents between CBC and the Citizenship¬†
  • This is the real gift for children from the parents that the declaration of the children when they reached 21 years of age that the children need to ask the Sri Lankan citizenship. But OfERR CEYLON advocating the Sri Lankan government on what for that the children who born in India due to the war displaced no need to take the declaration.

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