Uthayam Milk Processing Center

Milk is one of the essential products but it appears to be rare in the North Eastern part of Sri Lanka. The one-time milk fertile region was made barren because of various policy decisions. This forced the people to consume milk powder instead of fresh pasteurized and standardized milk. OfERR(Ceylon) has been working in the North East of Sri Lanka with the returnees from India and the local community to build sustainable livelihood in order to systematically rebuild the nation’s resources. They started collecting the milk and selling it to the local co-operatives. However, many places could not be reached by the co-operatives,hence,OfERR set up its milk collection center in Pankulam also known as Morewewa a village consisting of refugees who have returned to Sri Lanka and were stationed in an open relief camp called Alace Garden for over 10 years.

In 2007 OfERR worked on the resettlement program for them and accompanied them to Pankulam through constant confidence building measures and developing community structures a sustainable village was created. The milk collection center proved to be one of most efficient livelihood methods. As the production increased substantially there was a need to set up a milk processing center to process the milk and distribute it to the milk-starved region. On 31 May 2012, Udhayam was inaugurated in the Abhayapuram Junction in Trincomallee.This facility has a capacity to process 500 liters of fresh milk through standardization and pasteurization.The milk is distributed to people at a fair price. Currently they have orders to supply the children in the school for the nutrition enhancement program.It is significant to note that the people who were severely affected by the conflict are now becoming the resources to develop the entire Nation. The objective of the center is to provide leadership to such initiatives and eradicate malnutrition and engage people in sustainable livelihood.

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