Vision statement


All citizens should enjoy equal rights within the rule of law, social justice and the restoration of democracy in the homeland and the achievement of sustainable development.


To improve and develop the life and well being of returning refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Northeast of Sri Lanka. OfERR (Ceylon) considers capacity building and empowerment as key elements in its vision to ensure sustainable development with equal rights for all citizens and to establish social justice.


OfERR (CEYLON) works to:

  • Engage and empower returnees and IDPs as active participants in their own development and in improving their own living conditions.
  • Promote equal educational opportunities and enhance the abilities of returnees and IDPs and help them take part in rebuilding their nation.
  • Mobilize, liaise and network with NGOs, inter-governmental agencies and the government to advocate for the protection and rights of IDPs and returnees to overcome disempowerment and discrimination.
    • Improve the health and nutritional status of the most vulnerable section of returnees and IDPs and motivate them to be actively involved in all forms of developmental activities.
      • Create greater employment and income opportunities for men and women by improving necessary infrastructures, skills and capacities of people.


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